Imparting moral values | 2017-12-06 |

Imparting moral values

    6 December, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Children are imbued with the sense of love and respect by elders. Mainly mothers with their heavenly care and affection teach children moral and other values that shape up their character. How one will behave with others in the family and society depends much on moral education provided by parents. According to the Bengali social value chain, parents are thus respected not only by their sons and daughters but also grandsons and granddaughters.

Respect for parents is an indispensable part of the tradition of respecting senior citizens in the family as well as in society. It is widely believed that those families that follow this tradition are well groomed and the members of such families bear high moral values and characteristics.

However, it is a matter of regret that the tendency of maintaining nuclear families has gained much popularity in this age. People remain busy with their jobs and businesses and are becoming increasingly career-centric. As a result, they remain separate from parents and elders. This passes a negative message to their children who cannot learn about family ties and bonds and become literally isolated. Analysts believe that weak family bonds help in spreading violence in society.

Nowadays social violence has been rapidly spreading like a malignant cancer. We often come across news about killing of children by parents, killing of family members, cruelty against children and the weak for trifling matters. And recurrence of such types of violence proves that barbarism and an obnoxious syndrome of moral erosion have corrupted the social value system. This is a sign of moral bankruptcy which has been gradually engulfing the society.

To prevent the society from moral bankruptcy we need to identify and realise the contribution of parents and elders in our lives and take lessons from them to lead a life that carries values conducive to development and family and social welfare.

Among those who believe that respect for parents and elders is important for making an ideal society, a kindergarten in Chittagong came up with a remarkable step. Pupils of the nursery school washed legs of their mothers with a view to showing token respect to parents. Such steps surely would help in making children morally rich and freeing society from violence.