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Date: 2017-10-08 - 0000-00-00

TIB has strongly condemned the UN failure to act upon the recommendations of the Annan Commission before the military crackdown in Myanmar's Rakhain state. Do you agree with it?

Yes 66.7%
No 20.0%
No Comment 13.3%

Date: 2017-10-07 - 0000-00-00

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said her government was very much cautious to avert any kind of war-like situation despite repeated provocations from Myanmar. Do you support her stance?

Yes 52.9%
No 29.4%
No Comment 17.6%

Date: 2017-10-06 - 0000-00-00

The prices of rice have declined by Taka 5 to 8 per kilogram across the country due to the measures the government has taken. Do you think the government is handling the rice market smartly?

Yes 30.8%
No 61.5%
No Comment 7.7%

Date: 2017-10-05 - 0000-00-00

Road transport minister Obaidul Quader has warned that evil force might get into Rohingyas and urged all concerned to work with caution. Do you agree with his concern?

Yes 45.5%
No 18.2%
No Comment 36.4%

Date: 2017-10-04 - 0000-00-00

BNP has alleged that Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha has been forced to refrain from performing his duty in the name of his illness. Do you think this allegation is factual?

Yes 45.0%
No 30.0%
No Comment 25.0%

Date: 2017-10-03 - 0000-00-00

The Myanmar government has said they are ready to begin the verification and repatriation of its nationals fled to Bangladesh. Do you think all Rohingyas could be sent back through this process?

Yes 13.0%
No 69.6%
No Comment 17.4%

Date: 2017-10-02 - 0000-00-00

Bangladesh and Myanmar have agreed to start the repatriation process of all Rohingyas taking refuge in Bangladesh. Do you think it can find permanent solution to Rohingya crisis?

Yes 31.0%
No 55.2%
No Comment 13.8%

Date: 2017-09-30 - 0000-00-00

The first span of the Padma Bridge has been installed and the government expects the construction will be completed by December next year. Do you think the work will finish by the deadline?

Yes 35.3%
No 41.2%
No Comment 23.5%

Date: 2017-09-29 - 0000-00-00

The BNP alleges that the government has failed to convince UNSC permanent members Russia and China to help Bangladesh resolve Rohingya crisis. Do you agree with the allegation?

Yes 38.9%
No 27.8%
No Comment 33.3%

Date: 2017-09-28 - 0000-00-00

The Myanmar authorities have canceled a scheduled UN visit to Rakhine that was due to take place on September 28, without showing any cause. Do you think it will make Rohingya crisis more complex?

Yes 78.6%
No 14.3%
No Comment 7.1%

Date: 2017-09-27 - 0000-00-00

Senior BNP leader Abdullah Al Noman has alleged that the government is doing politics over the distribution of relief among the hapless Rohingyas. Do you agree with him?

Yes 37.5%
No 50.0%
No Comment 12.5%

Date: 2017-09-26 - 0000-00-00

The ACC has decided to probe the allegations of illegal stockpiling of foods by hoarders in connivance with a section of food officials. Do you think it will help stop food hoarding?

Yes 45.5%
No 36.4%
No Comment 18.2%

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