Update : 2017-03-21 00:34:18
400 listed militants remain untouched
Detectives fear more attacks
Md Esaraf Hossain

400 listed militants remain untouched

Detectives fear further militant attacks in the capital and elsewhere in the country as around 400 listed militants, including sacked Major Zia, Saleheen, Boma Mizan and Musa, still remain untouched.   Many of the fugitive militants are experts in making bombs, throwing high-powered grenades and firing sophisticated arms, detectives said.   Some suicide squad members, including female activists, of banned militant groups are also on the run, they said.   Some recent militant attacks, including ‘suicide bomb attacks’ near RAB barrack in Uttara and RAB check-post in Khilgaon, Tongi prison van attack and bus attack in Comilla, triggered panic among common people.   In the wake of such attacks and threat by militant outfits, the authority concerned issued a red alert for all international airports and all 68 jails in the country.   Security has been tightened at all key points in the capital and many other parts in the country, including bus terminals, launch stations and railway stations.   From police headquarters to police station, the number of law enforcers has been increased everywhere.   Members of law enforcement agencies have been put on high security alert to maintain law and order situation.            Police headquarters sources said all high RAB and police officials, including superintendents of police (SP), have been strictly instructed to keep close monitoring on secret activities of different banned militant outfits after the recent militant attacks.   Other detective branches, including detective branch (BD), special branch (SB), Criminal Investigation Department (CID), are also busy in preparing the fresh list of militants who are in jails or outside.   According to the police record, a total of 318 cases were filed on charges of militant attacks and attack attempts across the country in which over 1,000 persons were accused in last three years.   Of them, some 325 accused persons who got bail from the court went into hiding and still remain untouched, detective sources said.   They are moving from one place to another to escape arrest. Law enforcers have failed to trace them out.      The runaway militant activists include 67 JMB men, 38 Ansarullah Bangla Team men, 52 Hizb-ut Tahir men and 32 Harkat-ul-Jihad men.   Intelligence sources said the runaway leaders and activists of militant outfits, including JMB, Huji, Ansarullh Bangla Team and Hizb-ut Tahir, are trying to regroup themselves for carrying out subversive acts.   “They [militants] are collecting various sophisticated arms and ammunition from foreign militant groups to carry out fresh attacks in the country,” the source added.     During raids on two houses in Chittagong last week, police recovered 18 suicide vests from the houses -- ‘Syanird’ and ‘Shadhon Kutir’ -- located at Premtala of Sitakundu upazila.   It has proved that militants are planning to carry out more suicide attacks, police sources said.   On March 8, two militant activists Ahmed and Imtiaj were caught by police while they were on the way to Dhaka with bombs in Chandina of Comilla on Dhaka-Chittagong highway. As per their statements, police came to know that they were still collecting fresh party activists.   At the same time, police also came to know that militants are planning to carry out more suicide bomb attacks.     An officer of counter terrorism unit of police said at least 10 militants were killed in different types of violence, including encounters and bomb explosions, while 150 caught by law enforcers till July 1 last year from August 2015.   Besides, 45 militants, including Tamim and Marjan, were killed in encounters with law enforcers, raids by law enforcers and suicide bomb attacks since the Holy artijan restaurant attack to till now, he added.    On March 6, two crude bombs were hurled at the prison van carrying the death-penalty awarded militant kingpin Mufti Hannan and some of his associates at Tongi area in Gazipur.   Mufti Hannan was involved in August 21 bombing at an Awami League rally, Ramna bombing, and an attempt to kill the British High Commissioner in Sylhet.   On February 23, 2014, in filmy style, a large group of militants attacked a prison van, killed a police constable and snatched three of their comrades, including two death-row convicts, in Trishal of Mymensingh.   The snatched condemned convicts are Salahuddin alias Saleheen, JMB in-charge of Sylhet-Mymensingh region, Mohammad Rakib Hasan Russell alias Hafez Mahmud, Khulna divisional commander of JMB, and Jahidul Islam alias 'Boma' Mizan, an explosive expert of the outlawed group.   The following day, one of them Rakib was caught and killed in crossfire with police.   Law enforcers are hardly working to net the runaway activists of different banned militant outfits, said Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Asaduzzaman Miah.   The DMP commissioner said law enforcers, both in uniform and plain clothes, are in a massive hunt for the fugitive militants in the capital and elsewhere in the country.   Though the law enforcers arrested some of militant activists recently, most of the listed militants, including sacked Major Zia, Boma Mizan, Saleheen and Musa, are still at large.   Many of the militant outfit leaders and activists staying either in jails or hideouts are reportedly directing their fellow activists through mobile phones or handwritten letters to carry out subversive activities in the country.