Literature Study Can Also Be An Option… | 2016-08-25 |

Literature Study Can Also Be An Option…

    25 August, 2016 12:00 AM printer

Literature Study Can Also Be An Option…


Just after some days the students who have passed HSC this year will begin their race to get admission in any of the public universities or leading private universities. In this age of post-modernity when science and technology rules the world, some students may even want to study literature.

Ahead of the imminent admission test, Professor Ahmed Reza, one of the faculty members of the Department of English of Jahangirnagar University and a veteran teacher, shares his thoughts with our reporter, Morshedul Alam Mohabat, about ins and outs of literature study.


Reporter: What is so special about studying literature? I mean why should the students choose to study literature in this post-modern age?

Interviewee: Those people studying literature look at poems, plays, essays, stories and novels. Reading and learning about these helps people to sympathize with others and see how complex humans truly are. It aids in broadening a person's intellectual horizons and it stimulates a more active imagination. Literature explores different human beliefs, ideas and societies. This allows people to learn about where they came from and how past events work to shape the different cultures.
Reporter: What kind of skills will a literature student develop during his graduation time?

Interviewee: If you choose to study English literature at university level, you’ll develop comprehensive written and spoken communication skills, becoming adept at arguing a point, framing a narrative and analyzing various levels of meaning.

Reporter: What are the prospects of studying literature? What kinds of careers can the literature graduates pursue after the graduation?

Interviewee: English degree graduates are often found where strong communication and written English skills are top priorities; for example, within the worlds of media and publishing. Depending on your area of interest, there’s a niche for just about any English graduate, whether you want to produce, write, edit, review, promote, manage or run.
Moreover English graduates can also pursue career in teaching profession. A lot of our graduates are choosing to be teachers of university and college levels and they are doing very well.
Most importantly, English graduates have great prospect in joining civil service. Every year a lot of government officers are recruited and English graduates are performing very well in such competitive exams. So they can also choose to be magistrates or police officers.



Reporter: People, parents in particular, think that literature students are so indifferent to life. What do you think about that?

Interviewee: Such claim is not always true. Well, it is true that sometimes some students become careless and show apathy towards their life. But it’s not because of their subject matter rather such things happen owing to the fact that any student belonging to any department may suffer from such unexpected psychological changes.

Reporter: Do the students interested to study English language/literature need to have some kind of expertise in order to continue his/her study smoothly?

Interviewee: Well, a student must have a good command of language if he/she wants to do really good and understand literature completely. You see, understanding and extracting meaning from a poem is not an easy task. So, you must also have some kind of intellectual ability to enjoy literature study.  

Reporter: What do you have to say for the admission-aspiring candidates?

Interviewee: First of all, I would like to congratulate all the students who have passed successfully in the HSC exam. Meanwhile I will suggest them to study seriously in the next few months so that they can make it into a public university. Best of luck to all the candidates!