Don’t Spoil It! | 2017-04-10 |

Pahela Baishakh Special : Makeup

Don’t Spoil It!

Makeup And Styling Tips For Baishakh

Nusrat Jahan Pritom     10 April, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Don’t Spoil It!

On the first day of the Bengali New Year, look good and feel good with some helpful suggestions. The entire day of festivity can be ruined if we put on the wrong makeup (just imagine that mascara running down your cheek because of the rain) or the wrong styling (if the weather turns out to be too hot). So here is a quick guide to help you in this regard:


Plan Ahead


Of course you will be buying your dress long before the actual day. It is also possible you will be purchasing matching bangles and ornaments for Pahela Baishakh at least a week ahead. Plan about the makeup you will be wearing as well. You don’t want to spend an entire morning looking for a particular lipstick shade!

Plan for day and night separately. The makeup during the day must be very different than the one you wear at night because of the heat, weather conditions, lighting, etc. So remember to make the changes wherever necessary for the evening parties.
Make Up & Styling


•    As you will be out all day in the sun, it is not wise to put on foundation. Apply compact or light face powder.

•    Don’t forget to apply waterproof mascara in case it rains!

•    Since the overall makeup is light, you can go bold with the lips putting on a dark red lipstick. Then again if you are wearing much colours on the eyes, you can always go for a soft lip look. Remember to highlight one feature of your face as you do the makeup- either the eyes or the lips. If you put too many colours on both of them, the result may not be very pleasant to look at.

•    Blush can add a charming glow as you celebrate throughout the day!

•    Whatever makeup you put on make sure you are comfortable with it!

•    A nose pin can enhance your look and make you absolutely gorgeous!

•    You could put on glass bangles (kaacher churi) for a more festive look this Baishakh.

•    A colour theme look always great. You could get dolled up to the regular white and red theme, (white eye shadow, red lipstick and so on). You could experiment with this theme a little more by contouring the white or silver eye shadow under the eye brow and giving a black eyeliner effect.