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Floral Trimmings For The Prettiest Look

Magazine desk     10 April, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Floral Trimmings For The Prettiest Look

Flowers and festivals have a special connection in Bangladesh. On the auspicious day of Pahela Baishakh, women love to adorn their hair with flowers. From rose floral crowns to jasmine garlands, a wide variety of flowers of diversified colours are worn not just on hair but on wrists as well.


Flowers provide both pleasant scent and elegant beauty.

When styling your hair with flowers on this day, choose fresh ones. There are many flower shops which make crowns and garlands. You can keep your hair open or choose to braid it. A bun with a floral crown surrounding it is also a great idea. You can further embellish your hair with head ornaments once you have decorated it with flowers.

Since red and white are the colours of this day, premium is given to these two colours’ flowers. However other flowers such as marigold, orchids, crossandra and barleria are also used. Here are some examples of red flowers and white flowers and how they can be used:


Red Flowers

Red roses resembling the striking red colour of blood first appear in our mind when we think of flowers of this hue. However, there are various other red flowers. The red gerbera with its black dotted centre is magnificent. It can be an ideal choice if you are thinking about creating a bun. Simply let the red rose or gerbera slide into any one corner. You can also keep your hair open and put on one of these flowers on the left or right side near the ear.


White Flowers

The choices are many here. One of the most common is the jasmine flower. It is highly honoured as an embellishment for its purity, beauty and fragrance. A garland made with jasmine flower can decorate any hairstyle- whether they be braid, donut bun and so on. Chrysanthemum is another good choice.

However just don’t forget to use any of these to further enhance your overall look. In fact, this is also a part of traditional Baishakhi look.