Amari Dhaka To Welcome Baishakh With Dhak Dhol | 2017-04-10 |

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Amari Dhaka To Welcome Baishakh With Dhak Dhol

    10 April, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Amari Dhaka To 
Welcome Baishakh With Dhak Dhol

Amari Dhaka’ is all set to greet the Bangalee New Year in a completely traditional Bangalee style. An ambience of traditional celebrations will be arranged at the lobby of Amari, along with traditional Bangalee delicacies at Amaya food gallery on 14th April.

Amari Dhaka has planned a special fair at Cascade Lounge, the 24-hour-open venue which will represent the excitement of the Bangalee culture and tradition. A bustling hub of activities buzzing with desi entertainment along with bioscope show, fortune teller, bangle seller, balloon shooter, Dhak dhol and many more will be there. Food items like Jhal Muri, Roasted peanuts, Chanachur, Fuchka with condiments, Chot Poti and a lot more will be offered as well. Traditional drinks such as coconut water, lemonade, mango juice, wood apple drink and special ice-cream will be available there to beat the heat and energize you for the day.


On that day Amari’s signature restaurant ‘Amaya Food Gallery’ will offer an endless opportunity to enjoy traditional Bangladeshi delicacies during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast will include Panta Bhat, Khichuri, Chingri Bharta, Mutton Bhuna, Hilsha Fish Bhaja, Aloo Bhajee, Doi Chira and a lot more. Breakfast buffet package will be available at BDT 1600 per person.

Special lunch buffet will be a combination of salads and appetizers like Kach Kola Bharta, Chingri Bharta, Tok Dohi Salad as well as soup like Chicken and Tomato shura. Main courses will have Panta Bhat, Hilsa Pulao, Chicken Dopiazza, Fried Hilsha, Shobji Niramish along with desserts such as Khirsha, Mishti Doi and Fresh Fruit Dice. Price of lunch buffet package is BDT 1999 per person. Finally, dinner buffet will include Shorisha Hilsha or Hilsha Fish Bhaja, Roupchanda with tomato bhuna, Chicken Korma, Khashi Kaila and Hash Pakhi Bhuna as main courses while mouth-watering desserts such as Carrot Halwa, Shemai, Khirsha will also be offered. Dinner buffet will be available at BDT 2500 per person.

This is your chance to join the celebration at Amari and make your day more memorable.