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Pulling It Off With Pillows

Are you looking for an instant makeover? No need to change the entire living room. Just add some decorative pillows and it will work wonders. Check out these decorating ideas on arranging throw pillows.

Morshedul Alam Mohabat     15 May, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Pulling It Off  With Pillows

Button Treetop Pillow


Pop the seam on a pillow and remove the stuffing for a flat work surface. Using embroidery floss, stitch buttons into a rounded tree shape. Cut a trunk from coordinating fabric and adhere it with iron-on adhesive. Re-stuff the pillow and stitch the seam closed.


Edged Pillows


Why settle for the fabrics and patterns offered at your local stores? You can create custom accent pillows (for much less) that suit your decor and lifestyle perfectly. Give plain throw pillows personality by adding borders of silk cording.



Banded Pillows


Give plain sofa pillows vibrant personalities with easy-to-make pillow bands. These are made with wool; when the weather warms, they can be swapped for a more summery material, such as a cheerful printed cotton.


Stitched Pillows

Different versions of the running stitch can unify any assemblage of bed pillows, whether you embellish an existing pattern or create a new design.



No-Sew Embroidery Pillows

You don't need a seamstress to give linens a makeover. A simplified approach to couching, which traditionally involves hand-stitching, doesn't require the labor of a needle and thread -- just cording, fabric glue, and a disappearing-ink pen, plus a marker and graph paper to map out a design.

With these tips you can give your home and favourite places a complete makeover within a budget. Just be creative.