The Irony Of Being Meritorious | 2017-05-18 |


The Irony Of Being Meritorious

Mahamudunnaby Rocky

    18 May, 2017 12:00 AM printer

We have now too many meritorious students in our country. At least the results of our public examinations prove so.

The fact is that at present the term meritorious has changed its meaning at this part of the world. Once upon a time (though it sounds to be a fairy tale now), this word meant something else. Then for being meritorious, one would need to study regularly and persistently.


Meritorious students worked hard, prepared their own notes, hummed around their teachers to solve the problems they could not solve themselves. And guess what? Their toils paid them back. They were crowned with their distinctive and intrinsic performance in all the examinations, be it public examinations, university admission tests or anything else.

However things seem to have changed in this small part of the world. Here the word ‘meritorious’ has got its new meaning. One needs whole sets of different qualities and ideals to be meritorious now. Do you want to get awesome results and prove yourself meritorious? Let me tell you the most effective way.

It does not matter how sincere and careful to your study you are, the primary quality you need to be meritorious is ‘dishonesty’.


You must train yourself in different genres and forms of dishonesty. Wasting time in study has been proven an outworn, unfruitful and above all the most uncertain way to get high grades. The fact is, why choose a less effective and hazardous way while you have better and less toiling one, be it legal or illegal?

So forget the books and make a bunch of friends with similar intentions. Build up a strong network among you through social networking media. Always look for the potential sources of leaked question papers when the examination approaches. Once you get a reliable source, you are half done. Do not hesitate if it costs some of your pocket money. Not always effective things are free, are they?

Now what you need is to keep in touch with some conscienceless, pet teachers. Better if you can hire one of them as tutors. They can be greatly helpful as soon as you get the leaked question papers in hand. They will selflessly sort out the answers for you.
When the answers are ready to swallow, share them among the group, so you do not have to learn all the answers yourself. In examination hall you can share the answers with each others. Do not worry about the invigilators. They have been perfectly modified to help you. Finally, what if the question paper is totally different from the one you researched on? Nothing to be worried of at all! Do not forget, the education system has got commercialized. So each and every educational institution is concerned about their academic results. Your school and college authority must have made the necessary arrangements for any adverse situation. So be patient until the aid reaches you right in the examination hall. Thus you can glorify yourself as a meritorious student.

‘How foolish I am!’ I wonder. It is needless to describe the process because almost all the students are already being trained and grown up through this process of being so called ‘pseudo-meritorious’. You may call them meritorious. But I call them ‘the saddlers of wrong horses.’

My heart aches bitterly thinking of these fakes. Where are we heading to? How will our future be like with all these spoilt kids, whom we ourselves are pushing down to a pitch dark future, even without letting them know what awaits them?

I, from the deepest core of my heart, wish this illegal process will come to an end. Let’s wish that our system will crown the real meritorious students who prioritize study to anything else.    


(The writer is an assistant teacher in English, MEH Arif Institute, Konabri, Gazipur.)