Heart Of Dawn | 2017-05-18 | daily-sun.com

Heart Of Dawn

Nujhat Aslam

    18 May, 2017 12:00 AM printer

I was all well and asleep in my bed
When suddenly I heard some stormy wind
Patting my window pane.


It was about dawn when I opened my drowsy eyes
I peeped out and had a beautiful view of the outside.
I went out bare footed
And could feel the cold ground underneath.


I saw the sky, it was dark and full of clouds
And stormy cold wind was blowing on and on.
I walked around and found the nature asleep
The birds were not chirping and squirrels were all inn


That’s the day when I found the heart
Who waits with an eager heart for the ray of the sun
Who has dew drops and mists all around her
Who stays in between the sparkling night and glowing daylight
Who has dreams and wonder in her beautiful eyes
Who has the beauty of isolation on her face
Who has the calm and quiet look within herself.


Whenever sunlight comes she prepares herself
Walks away slowly with her gloomy environment
The mist and the dew drop follow her away….
She looks back at the sun, smiles and says
“You have made me wait for long but still you are never late
Nature has made us bound to meet again and again
Because I am the heart of dawn and you are sunray.”