Bengali Myth Blended With The History Of Liberation War | 2017-06-09 |

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Bengali Myth Blended With The History Of Liberation War

    9 June, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Bengali Myth Blended With The History Of Liberation War

‘Theatre 52’ is going to stage their maiden production `Nononpurer Melay Ekjon Komola Sundori O Ekti Baagh Ase’, written by Badruzzaman Alamgir and directed by Jayita Mahalanobish, on June 12, 2017 at Experimental Theatre Hall, BSA.


The play tells an epic story based on our liberation war and the post-war situations of Bangladesh. In this play, there is an orphan child called Jaidul Islam, son of a Birangona (War heroine), who is raised by a woman.

The woman takes him as her grandchild. Gradually Jaidul Islam comes to know many stories about the liberation war.



When his grandmother dies, he proposes to Luppa, the granddaughter of the late woman but Luppa refuses him indignantly because Jaidul is her step brother. After that, Jaidul wants to get involved in the socialist politics but his leader is assassinated by Emdad, leaving him as the only eye-witness. Later on, Emdad also wants to kill Jaidul and marry Luppa. One day Luppa elopes with Emdad. However, only a month later Jaidul dies from rabies and Emdad gets killed by his opponent. After the death of Emdad, Luppa tries to earn her living by working but society does not allow her to do so. Then, Luppa joins a circus team as a dancer and is now called as ‘Komola Sundori’. Within a few months, Komola Sundori achieves a huge popularity among the audience as a dancer.



After the death, Jaidul Islam is seen praying to God that he should be sent back to Bangladesh as a Tiger. God fortunately fulfills his wish and Jaidul is now sent to the Sundarban in the form of a Royal Bengal Tiger. But soon he is captured by the hunters and sold out to the circus party. When the circus team reaches Nononpur, Luppa and Jaidul’s birth place, for a performance, tiger Jaidul breaks off the cage and comes out in order to meet his friends and step-sister Luppa.  


The play features some beautiful songs, dances, ritual performances and a few spectacular scenes. Some surrealistic patterns, like Jaidul in a cage as an animal, also create an extraordinary effect on the audience. In fact, the play is a nice blend of the Bengali myth and the history of liberation war of Bangladesh.


The stage was designed by Hendry Sen and lighting was done by Aslam Aronnho while music was composed by ABS Gem. However, the play was premiered on October 17, 2016.