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Elegant Charm Of Traditions

Nobody really knows just when men’s Punjabi has entered into the fashion scene. However, we cannot think of any occasion without them. On the day of Eid, an elegant, white or other light coloured punjabi is a must while attending the Eid prayer. Moreover the first idea that would appear on one’s mind while attending an Iftar party is the Punjabi. In the hot summer days, nothing can be more comfortable than a cotton Punjabi with payjama or jeans. Whether it be style or comfort, Punjabi is the first choice for most men in Bangladesh. History of Punjabi dates back to 11th century C.E. although it is thought to have been worn even before. The kurta with its side slits was worn in northern India. The straight-cut kurta or Punjabi was a loose shirt falling either just above or somewhere below the knees of the wearer, and was traditionally worn by men. However, women also wore the straight-cut kurta or its shorter version, the kurti. Another history goes back to the Arab world. Arabs have worn long gowns called jhabla or punjabi. While there can be some debate on the origins of the Punjabi, no doubt it is one of the most popular garments for men in various countries such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, etc. You could style yourself this Ramadan in the ethereal charm of Punjabis.

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Elegant Charm Of Traditions

Glamour In Punjabi : It may be because of their lengths which extend longer than regular shirts or it may be because of the traditional vibe ingrained in them, Punjabi styles are definitely the most charming and elegant of all.

Re-Invent Prints


Print fashion is timeless. It is not uncommon to wear printed Punjabis as well.

However, printed Punjabi fashion is not as popular as printed shirts. Most men love simplistic designs or even no designs at all in their Punjabi. Perhaps the very fact that a simple Punjabi itself looks so alluring and it is what makes it even more charming. However, when the right colours pair up with the right prints without making anything look overdone, the result is stunning.



Innovate And Resonate

Who says men can’t wear pink colours? Pink can be even manlier than any other hues. Opt for a gorgeous salmon pink hued Punjabi. A neon hint in your clothes calls for attention and, when it is a traditional wear such as Punjabi, it looks both smart and trendy.



Contemporary Contrast


Opt for a chocolate coloured Punjabi to make your fashion flavorsome. That’s not all. You can make this style trendier by combining the brown colour with white hues. Contrast fashion is still in vogue these days. While matching colours make a good style statement, contrasting ones make it gorgeous.



Somber And Stunning


Colours such as grey or ash can appear somber. Yet, even these colours can look very stylish when painted into a Punjabi. Work with a porpoise or slate grey Punjabi. This is also a good time to trim that beard and get a cool hair-do since this Punjabi would look cool with this getup.