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Outing With Stylish Travel Bags

Rajib Kanti Roy     19 June, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Outing With Stylish Travel Bags

Packing for a trip can be a daunting task. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just going away for the weekend, or you’re spending weeks traveling to remote corners of the world, you can’t just throw some clothes into an old gym bag and call it a day.

It takes planning and problem solving to do it right. Do you bring a casual duffel bag or a heavy duty backpack? Where will you put your suits and dress shirts to ensure they don’t get wrinkled? Do you really need a carry-on bag and a full sized suitcase for a weekend? Eid-ul-Fitr vacation is knocking at the door. Keeping that in mind we have rounded up all the best luggage options for any kind of trip.


The Multipurpose Backpack

With minimal lugging required, a backpack is one of the best travel bags when your itinerary includes multiple connections. This business-casual option with utilitarian style can be worn on your back or carried by the handles like a standard weekender.


The Smart Suitcase

Even more impressive than the exterior of this sleek pull-along is the smartphone app that comes with it. A proximity sensor built into the bag means you’ll always know where it is; and with a handle that doubles as a scale, you’ll avoid surprise overweight fees if you decide to check it.


The Wheelie Duffle

Traditional, boxy pull-along bags don’t exactly scream comfort. This one from Herschel looks and feels like a well-worn duffel bag, until you pull out the hidden retractable trolley handle and put its stealthy wheels to work. If you like the look of duffel and the function of a pull-along, you won’t find a more stylish option than this.


The Classic Weekender

This re-imagined carryall houses a handful of details designed to make your trip a bit more comfortable. In addition to tastefully classic styling inside and out, we especially like the adjustable leather strap and handles—something you don’t see very often—and built-in umbrella holder on the (waterproof) exterior of the bag.


The Anti-Barrel Bag

Elevate your luggage game with this modern take on the classic barrel bag. Essentially a cross between a barrel, a messenger, and a backpack, this edgy multipurpose bag is made from a single piece of water-resistant fabric, and the strap can be adjusted to your preference.


The Light Heavyweight

Don’t be fooled by the no-frills design. This streamlined carry-on suitcase anticipates your most common travel needs with 360-degree wheels that make it easy to maneuver, exterior USB charging ports to keep your tech in the green, and a removable, washable laundry bag.

Though men don’t often have a lot of stuff to carry, there are still times when they require more than a spare pocket. Work papers, folders, our laptop, gym clothes—there are all sorts of things they have to lug around that can require a bag. So, keep your priority in mind before choosing your travel bag.