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Violet Magic In Your Makeup

Magazine Desk     9 October, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Violet Magic In Your Makeup

There is something very ethereal about the hue violet. It’s rich, fresh and elegant. Violet has a fairy like appeal which makes it more vibrant. Whether you are looking for party makeup ideas or a casual look, violet colour can surely enhance your styling and create a magical look. Here are some ideas:


Violet Undertones For Eyes

With colours such as cobalt, aqua, violet, et al you can experiment widely in eye makeup. They provide such a tasteful contrast to the black eyeliner and help make eyes look more attractive. You could opt for a violet eyeliner under your black eyeliner for the upper eye lid or the lower eye lid. You could also put black eyeliner on the lower eyelid with violet on the upper one. If you are considering the reverse, just be careful with the overall makeup!


Violet Lipstick

Ashwariya Rai has proven the fact. Violet lip stick is absolutely gorgeous. The trick is to keep other features on your face neutral. You could opt for black eyeliner only. Put on this makeover with a violet gown and sparkle in any lustrous occasion.



Blush On
With pink and brown blush being overused, and even gold becoming a bit old fashioned- the choice you are left with is violet blush. A light pat would justify any occasion. Opt for it with a pink or magenta lipstick.


Pretty Nails
There are so many variations of violet nail paint and nail art that a book can be dedicated to it. If you want something simple, just violet nail paint bejeweled or put on with sparkling dust would be great.


Party Shimmer
When you are heading out to the parties, you can always depend on some shimmering violet eye shadows. A shaded eye art with silver, violet and white would look simply divine.


Neutral And Natural

For this style, you will need a good foundation that matches your skin tone, a concealer (if needed), a natural-toned lipstick and a light violet eye-shadow. Apply the foundation and lipstick. Cover your entire upper eyelid with the light violet eye shadow. You could put a small outline of black eyeliner just to accentuate the violet eye shadow.