The Phenomenon Of Unjust Trolls Towards New Miss World Bangladesh | 2017-10-09 |


The Phenomenon Of Unjust Trolls Towards New Miss World Bangladesh

Nusrat Jahan Pritom     9 October, 2017 12:00 AM printer

The Phenomenon Of Unjust Trolls Towards New Miss World Bangladesh

After a lot of controversy, when Miss World Bangladesh was finally crowned again, we felt that this would be the end of trolls and memes. However, there was no sign of relief here. After Avril, the wolfpack of trolls this time chased Jessia. And their issue was her teeth.


Jessia Islam is not only beautiful but very talented indeed. Winning a crown isn’t something that everybody can do. Another important fact to note here is that she, Jessia Islam, will be representing Bangladesh to the world. Every performer will always have critics. We all know that success brings with it many enemies. However, the internet has taken hate and humour to a whole new level. Ever since the day Jessia has been crowned Ms World Bangladesh, hundreds of social media users of our country have unleashed their venom of words on her picture, in various meme groups and other places commenting about her one tooth that is slightly tilted. Jessia has a beautiful smile but one of her canines is slightly tilted upward. While in other countries, this is quite common and nobody would even notice it but in Bangladesh it is strong enough to start a storm.


Minutes after winning the title, Ms World Bangladesh got bombarded with comments by thousands of complete strangers who described her as ugly! Memes were made about her such as how she can be compared to a monster that would scare children and how one tilted canine is ruining everyone’s lives. Jessia had personally requested everyone from her social media saying, “Please don’t joke about me,” but her cry is outnumbered. Well, there are sympathizers who are asking her to ignore, but they are few.


No matter what the agenda is, social media users of Bangladesh never get tired of pointing their fingers (and typing!) at women. After all, it is a patriarchal society and the many men online always feel the need to correct or educate a women even if they cannot spell the word education!  Sometimes they would blame her character, sometimes her habits, sometimes her looks- but a tooth? Many celebrities around the world had dental problems and some have even refused to fix it, feeling it a gift of God. Anna Paquin, Kirsten Dunst, Jewel, Lara Stone and even Madonna  with a little gap in her front teeth - all loved their imperfections and didn’t get their teeth fixed to this day. Well, whether you want to alter your looks and your teeth is a personal decision. It depends upon Jessia whether she should take ‘mass’ advice and take a surgery or not. However, the situation she is facing just for this is unfair. It is not only sad but the situation is very alarming.