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Hairstyles for travel

Sun Online Desk     30th June, 2016 09:56:18 printer

Hairstyles for travel

The best way to escape the sultry summer heat is a fun vacation. While vacationing, it becomes all the more important to look good and sporting the right hairstyle is surely a part of the process!



If you are confused and do not know which new hairstyle to try this time during your weekend gateway, then we have the solutions. Here are a few simple hairstyle tips :



1. Twisty ponytail—When going on long trips, simply tie your hair up in a ponytail to avoid a messy look. But to give it a twist, we suggest an easy and trendy version of it by twisting hair twice or thrice and then tying up in a ponytail. You can do it high or low as per your face structure.



2. Natural waves—This is one of the best and easy hairstyles for vacations. Simply keep the hair loose and apply some hair products like hair mousse on damp hair and let it dry naturally. This is the best hairstyle to be carried in hot and humid weather, without worrying about your hair getting frizzy.



3. Funky braids—Braids have always fascinated fashionistas. Be it a night party or an afternoon luncheon, braids work wonders on girls. From a non-fussy, neat braid to loose, partial braids, one can look alluring as per the occasion.



4. Side braids—Among other trending hairstyles are ‘side braids’ which are quick and stylish. Simply do a hair up-do from these braids by twisting them up in different directions and carefully putting hair pins wherever required.