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Drug trade: Godfathers remain untouched

Ashraful Alam and Sarwar Alam     20th October, 2016 11:21:20 printer

Drug trade: Godfathers remain untouched

Drug trade is rampant across the country, but the godfathers of this unlawful business are remaining beyond the touch of the law enforcers, while in most cases only the peddlers and carriers are caught and brought to justice.
According to sources, in the cases of crimes relating to drugs, the charge-sheet is required to be submitted within 21 days. In accordance with this rule, police submit the charge-sheet but due to weakness in the investigation, the godfathers of drug trade get off scot-free.   
After the seizure of huge quantity of yaba, the investigators failed to trace out the fugitive main culprits.

It is alleged that having been influenced in different ways they refrain from finding out the source of the yaba. And taking the advantage of weak investigation by the police, the influential drug traders are running their business unhindered.
Analysing the information of several sensational cases, it has been found that although the names of a number of drug traders including the godfathers were mentioned in the FIR, they could not be brought to justice ultimately.
It was stated in different cases that big consignments of drugs came to Dhaka over the last three years. According to information available from RAB and police, there are 147 yaba traders in the country including Dhaka who control the yaba business. They are bringing yaba from Myanmar tactfully. Phensidyl is being brought from India. RAB and police are conducting raids at different places to nab them. Occasionally, some of them are being caught but coming out of jail on bail, they again indulge in the same offence. In most cases, police fail to identify those who are behind the yaba consignments already seized.
It is learnt that yaba is coming to Bangladesh basically from Thailand and Myanmar. Through Teknaf and Cox’s Bazar, this dreadful drug is spreading all over the country. The entry of yaba to Bangladesh through Naf river continued to increase since 2002. The smugglers bring the consignments by managing the members of the law enforcing agencies. The yaba consignments are also coming through Chakdhala border and the St Martin island. Later, the smugglers bring those to Dhaka via Cox’s Bazar. In the recent days, the carriers have been arrested with several big consignments of yaba. It appears from the documents that the godfathers behind these big consignments are remaining beyond the touch of police and RAB due to the weak investigation. Only those who carry the drugs are brought to justice.
However, the chief of RAB intelligence unit Lt Col Abul Kalam Azad said, attempts are being made to arrest the traders of drugs including yaba which is being consumed in the largest quantity. Whatever necessary to check drug trade is being done, he added.  
DMP deputy commissioner (media) Masudur Rahman said attempts are being made to arrest the drug traders on the basis of prepared list. Police have already arrested some criminals.
DMP commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia said, “In some cases police submit charge-sheet after detail investigation. Meanwhile, the accused persons obtain bail from the court. In reality, police show no negligence or weakness in carrying out the investigation into any drug related case.”