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How to use dry shampoo

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How to use dry shampoo


If you have fine hair, dry shampoo is best and for thick, coarse hair a loose powder will work better.


Tips for using dry shampoo


1. Apply to the scalp in sections 2-3cm apart and, if using an aerosol, keep the bottle 20cm from your head, applying in short blasts.



Massage in for 30 seconds and shake or brush the excess out. If you have a fringe, spray the product on your fingers first, then run through your hair.


3. Try to limit use to once a week - dry shampoo uses alcohol or starch to mop up excess oil and doesn't actually clean your hair.


4. The product can build up on the scalp and interfere with the natural skin-shedding process, which may exacerbate dandruff, so also use a clarifying shampoo regularly.