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Things that kept youths busy in 2016

Nusrat Jahan Pritom     29th December, 2016 06:12:52 printer

Things that kept youths busy in 2016

With just two days away from the new year, most of us cannot wait for this year to be over! It was a year we are bound to remember for the most extraordinary incidents in terms of technology, international politics, tragedies, comedies and what not! 2016 was different from every other year; not just because it was a leap year, it was the extraordinary year that has drastically changed our ordinary lives. The hood has explored some of these odd events that kept the youths busy in 2016: 



People in the country had suddenly gone berserk over the photo editing app Prisma which was, for a certain time, only available for iPhone users.

Prisma transforms an image into an artistic effect modeled in the style of famous painters like Van Gogh and Picasso. The app was created by Alexey Moiseenkov and it was launched in June 2016. As it made its way into Bangladesh, the youngsters were divided into two categories- a group of people who loved it and used it (mostly those who had iPhone) and another group who hated it and condemned those who used it (mostly those who didn’t have iPhone). There was also a third party who just didn’t bother with all these confusion, but they were less in number. The conundrum finally ended when Prisma became available for Android users as well!



Hero Alom

Bangladesh’s own hero, Hero Alom, rose to popularity in this very year. Ever since social media became popular, young people in the country had been desperately trying to become ‘the next internet sensation’. However, fortune seeks those who are most humble and such was the case for this man. Hero Alom was born at Eruliya village under Bogra District in Bangladesh. He was born to a poor family who handed him over to Abrud Razzak due to poverty. Alom studied at a village school until class seven after which he began to work to support his family. He started CD cassette business prior to starting cable network business in his own village. He always cherished a special place in his heart for acting and had done several dramas. Once social media sites such as Facebook and Youtube got to know about him, he became the biggest sensation in the country. Hero’s fan base spread even outside the country. Hailing from simple backgrounds, Hero’s talking and mannerism is different than urban youth and there are some people who make fun of him that rather boosts his popularity. Hero, like a true hero, doesn’t give an ear to all that.



His simple and honest speech had made him even more endearing towards his fans. Hero had done several tv shows, radio programmes and what not. Despite all the fame and popularity he now has, Hero still remains humble and the same.


Snapchat’s dog filter
One of the biggest hypes of 2016 was using Snapchat’s filters to make the face resemble dogs, zombies and what not. While it can be understood that this phone application is really fun, in 2016 this app’s usage was a bit overdone! The strangest fact was the dog filter which, out of ultra popularity, made viewers eventually feel rather irritated by it. It edits a picture or video by attaching a dog’s nose, dog ears and a tongue on the user’s profile. A popular meme page on Facebook once wrote about this app, “God has given you such a beautiful face. Why do you hide it in a dog filter?” In the year when cosmetics and beautiful selfies had boomed the aesthetics scene, how on earth had a dog’s filter been so popular among pretty women remains an unsolved mystery!


Conjuring 2 ghost possession

Every year, one or more than one international horror films are released. And every year, a trick is pulled to make people believe that “this is the ultimate scariest movie you have ever seen in your lives”! Ironically, 2016’s ‘Conjuring 2’ was no different. The American horror film Conjuring directed by James Wan is based on real life incidents of Ed and Lorainne. It is one of the most successful films of all times. Despite of that, producers thought about pulling a horror act of the nun in the film possessing those who watch it in theatre to make the sequel even more frightening. Video of a potential jinn or nun possessing a person who had gone to watch Conjuring 2 in theatre became so viral that at one point many became alarmed to watch the film alone! The filmmakers earned 320.3 million USD from ‘Conjuring 2’.

What can you do with a pen, a pineapple and an apple? You can make a ridiculously catchy song that becomes insanely so famous that the world remains at awe by it. Apparently, the song is simply about what Japanese Kosaka Daimaou repeatedly sang that he has a pen, which he inserted into an apple, and then into a pineapple, thereby creating a Pen Pineapple Apple Pen. All of it literally makes no sense but the song is so catchy that it had caught the world’s attention boasting over millions of likes on Youtube.


Harry Potter’s son makes debut
After becoming famous by fighting Voldemort in seven books, Harry Potter had returned this year to put his son on limelight. Just when people thought they had bid farewell to their favourite magical world created by J.K Rowling, she surprised everybody with a plot twist!


2016 saw many tragic deaths of many of our favourite celebs including Alan Rickman who was ‘Snape’ in Harry Potter movies. We also lost our beloved boxer nicknamed The Greatest Mohammad Ali as well as revolutionary leader Fidel Castro this year. 2016 was a sad year for music. It saw deaths of unforgettable musician Prince, evergreen rocker David Bowie, soulful Eagle’s co-founder Glenn Frey and many others. Even on the last week came the perturbing news of death of George Michael. All these void left by these great personalities can never really be filled by anybody else ever again!


Samsung exploded!
Hi-tech gadgets such as cellular phones, VR, etc. were much discussed this year. However Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was talked about for wrong reasons! The cell phone had exploded and users everywhere were asked to keep it switched off and at a distance. Imagine the horror of people who felt they had been carrying a bomb in their pockets! This gave internet meme makers great ideas!



Break ups
This was the year that was rather cruel for romanticists. Those who were considered the ‘ideal couple’ broke up and many people’s faith on love was torn apart this year. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who had been going strong since 2005 broke up leaving many people confused this year. There were also other famous break ups such as Taylor Swift and DJ Calvin Harris, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, etc. It will not be wrong to say love was lost this year.



Leo wins Oscar!
This was the year Leonardo DiCaprio finally won the Oscar! Leonardo made headlines walking the red carpet with fellow Oscar nominee Kate Winslet, giving fans a Titanic reunion.



Pokemon Go
Lastly, something that made young people finally get up from their couches and beds was the online app game Pokemon Go. You can travel between real and virtual life and catch Pokemons just like Ash Ketchum. Ever since its introduction this summer, people around the world had gone crazy over this game. Some people even had accidents on the road while they were busy catching pokemons in their virtual world! The game had finally come to Bangladesh this winter and also has created quite a buzz here too.