Vietnam drafting law considering compulsory blood donation | 2017-01-09 |

Vietnam drafting law considering compulsory blood donation

Sun Online Desk     9th January, 2017 06:41:17 printer

Vietnam drafting law considering compulsory blood donation

Dealing with shortage of blood used for medical treatment, the Vietnam government is formulating a law on blood and stem cells considering two plans, the ministry said on Monday.


The plans are namely compulsory blood donation and increased spending on voluntary blood donation, Xinhua reports.


Vietnamese adults will be required to donate their blood every year, if the Health Ministry approves the first plan.


With the first plan, some 46 million adults, excluding some 14.2 million blood-related patients, will donate blood once a year, and the donated blood will surpass the demand for blood used for medical treatment by nearly 28 million units (one unit equals to 250 milliliters).


The ministry supports the second plan as the first plan will result in oversupply of donated blood and bigger costs of organisations and individuals related to salary, insurance, travel and equipment. The draft law will be submitted to Vietnam's top legislature in 2018.


According to the ministry's statistics in 2010, only 0.9 percent of the Vietnamese population donated blood and donated blood stood at nearly 1.1 million units.


Currently blood donation in Vietnam is conducted on voluntary basis, based on weight of adult donors.

On average, an adult can donate up to four times a year.