Solo Exhibition By Anik Rahman Ends Tomorrow | 2017-01-13 |

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Solo Exhibition By Anik Rahman Ends Tomorrow

    12th January, 2017 01:28:57 printer

Solo Exhibition By Anik Rahman Ends Tomorrow

A ten-day-long solo photography exhibition titled “Minors of Human” by photographer Anik Rahman will close tomorrow at MIB Spirit Studio, Dhanmondi. It was inaugurated on January 05, 2017.


“Minors of Human” is a reflection of the numerous encounters Anik Rahman has had within his photographic journey with individuals who are directly expressed or implied as minorities in various lands, communities and circumstances.

Audience can experience the journey of Anik Rahman, as he walks through life and immerses himself into humanitarian stories both inside and outside the borders of Bangladesh through this solo exhibition.



The artist is a photojournalist based in Dhaka. Being a citizen of a 3rd world country he has been experiencing the struggle, pain and suffering from his childhood. As his father was a freedom fighter, he was introduced with the consequences of war and politics on the mass people in his childhood. Because of such experience he has some kind of interest on humanitarian stories.


At the end of 2013 he started working on the victims of political violence of Bangladesh. The end product of his works, “Puppet Show”, has been exhibited and awarded internationally. Beside social issues, he has also worked on different environmental challenges. For instance- he worked with the victims of Nepal earthquake in 2015. Religious and cultural events are there as well in his preference list.