Girls are faster in taking drugs | 2017-02-05 |

Girls are faster in taking drugs

Jannatul Shahebaz Ayesha     5th February, 2017 03:24:43 printer

Girls are faster in taking drugs

At the present period, girls are in the strong temptation to take drugs. Prevalence of drug addiction was higher among boys. But, in recent years, the average rate of its spreading among women as well as girls is fast and is heading towards catastrophic proportion. According to statistics, the number of drug addicts in the country is quite high. Drug addiction in the present generation is rising fast, making it hard to control. This trend is destroying the future of the youth of the country.

According to a survey report of the UN, drug situation in the country is simply alarming with 87 per cent of the addicts are men and 13 per cent are women. More than 1 million people are involved in the narcotic trade. People ranging from teens to women and children are involved in the drug trade. According to the Drug Control Department’s survey, 91 per cent of the addicts are adolescent. About 45 per cent of them are unemployed and 15 per cent are highly educated.

It has been shown that two-thirds of women drug addicts are school, college or university students. Students of private English medium schools and universities are much ahead of others in this respect. But why do girls keep pace with men in treading the wrong path?  Some of the reasons can be highlighted here: restive family environment, wrong curiosity, invasion by alien culture and separation of parents play strong roles in leading children astray. Moreover, many people fall into the drug trap willingly-unwillingly. Another major factor is easy availability of drugs.

Drug addiction is a complex predicament, which creates problems at every step in our lives. We need to combine our efforts against the spread of drugs.


Jannatul Shahebaz Ayesha, University of South Asia