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Kolkata cultural delegation pays tribute to language heroes

Md Enamul Hassan     22nd February, 2017 08:44:43 printer

Kolkata cultural delegation pays tribute to language heroes

A cultural delegation from Kolkata paid tributes to the martyrs of the historic Language Movement of Bangladesh on Tuesday, International Mother Language Day.


In token of honour, the members of the delegation placed floral wreath at the Central Shaheed Minar in the capital in the first hour of the day.


Earlier, the seven-member delegation entered the country on Sunday night to pay homage to the language heroes.


Headed by noted poet Amit Goswami, the delegation includes lyricist and composer Principal Dr Virvikram Roy, poet Rehan Kaushik, poet Chayan Bhoumik, poet Jinia Roy, poet Supam Roy and poet Arpan Gupta.


Talking to daily sun, Amit Goswami said, “We are very elated as Bangaladeshis have given us a rare honour and feeling at our very home in Bangladesh.”


“Even the crowds stepped aside to make way for us so that we can place floral wreath at the altars of the Central Shaheed Minar immediately after the state dignitaries left,” he added.


“This is a rare honour for us and such kind of warm-hearted generosity is possible for only Bangladeshis,” he further added.


Virvikram Roy said, “I have long been cherishing a dream of coming Bangladesh and my dream has finally come true.”


“For my students, I am making a documentary on observances of International Mother Language Day in Bangladesh,” he added.


Rehan Kaushik said, “I have come here to touch the sacred land of Bangladesh where the historic Language Movement took place in 1952.”


“I am feeling at my own home in Bangladesh, after entering Bangladesh, I have never thought that I am abroad,” he added.


Chayan Bhoumik said, “I am feeling that I have returned to my home as my ancestral home is here in Jessore.”


“Though this time I couldn’t take time, whenever I will come here again I will first go to Jessore,” he added.


Jinia Roy said, “I have returned to my biological mother, Bangladesh, giving in to the pull of love for language and an urge of my soul.”


“I am very glad to have stepped into the sacred land of historic Language Movement and hope will come here again and again,” she added.


Supam Roy said, “Ever after the crossing the border, I am very excited and I can’t express my feelings in words.”


“I will never forget the sweetest memory of placing wreath at the Central Shaheed Minar and I would love to come here over and over,” he added.


Arpan Gupta said, “The hospitality of Bangladeshi people are best and I am being overwhelmed by and enjoying their cordiality.”


“I will definitely come here at times and go ahead upholding the spirit of the Language Movement in the coming days,” he added.


At the invitation of Samadhara, the delegation has arrived in Bangladesh on a four-day cultural tour under the auspices of Purbapaschim.


The delegation also participated in different cultural programmes including poetry evening of Purbapaschim at Caritas Guest House in the city on Tuesday night.


They also met with noted cultural personalities of the country like Nasiruddin Yousuff Bachchu, and Begum Sara Ara Mahmud during the last two days of their trip.


Prior to their departure from Dhaka, they are also scheduled to take part in Samadhara Kobita Utsab at the Biswa Sahitya Kendra in the city Thursday.