Children are more venerable to pornography | 2017-02-27 |

Children are more venerable to pornography

Sujon Kumar Mondol, BSS     27th February, 2017 06:30:06 printer

Children are more venerable to pornography

Ruksana Yesmin works in a private company and her husband is a government official. The couple has two children-the son Aharar Hossain and the daughter Faria Sultana.


Aharar is 15 and Faria is 12 and both of them are students of English medium schools.


As both Ruksana and her husband are service holders, they go out of home and came back at evening.

They have little time for their children during daytime.


Such laxity in looking after their forced the couple to pay a lot when they found their son Aharar frequently visits different disturbing sites -- all with adult or pornographic content.


They were so terrified that they could not understand what to do. They were in dilemma whether they would ask their son or taking back his Smartphone or disconnect internet line in the desktop at the drawing room.


"I became just freaked when I found my son watch such adult contents. I was so flabbergasted that I could not understand what I should do," said Ruksana.


Not only Ruksana, rather thousands of parents now-a-days are passing days with anxiety as children are very prone to watching pornography.


The more alarming thing is that some children are not only watching pornography, rather they are involved with producing adult content.


After frequently visiting different pornographic sites and watching adult videos, children become interest in producing contents. Teenaged couples, who have a great interest in sexual issue, produce such videos after being driven by enthusiasm, think child rights experts.


The same thing does not happen that children always produce adult content for their pleasure and amusement. In many cases, children are victim of commercial sexual exploitation and forced to be recorded in video.


For example, In February 2014, a class-nine-student of Borura upazila in Comilla became victim of pornography, as one Aliullah forcibly took the girl to a nearby solitary place and raped her. Aliullah's friends videoed the raped episode in their mobile phones and released those on the Internet, according to news reports.


A survey by Manusher Jonno Foundation in 2009 revealed that about 77 percent of school-going children in Dhaka city were either watching or have already watched pornographic material.


A large number of them also get involved in the making of the material, the survey said.


Widespread use of Smartphone, laptop, tab and the availability of pornographic content, and its aggression into the lives of the children, has enlarged the horizon for children to be involved with pornographic world, either virtually or really.


The studies show easy accessibility to modern technology, illiteracy and ignorance of parents, absence of family cohesiveness, huge amount of money flowing, easy way to earn money, lack of proper implementation of existing The Children's Act 1974 and Children's Rules 1976 are blamed for children involvement in pornography, said the study.


Abdullah Al Mamun, programme coordinator of Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF), said the government should be more cordial to enforce the Pornography Control Act 2012 to keep children refrain from accessing to phonographic websites.


Parents and guardians should be more cautious in taking care of their children, who are becoming tech-savvy, he said.


In most of the cases, children in urban area have limited options for entertainment and recreation. That is why, children now-a-days are depended on technology and electronic devices which provoke children to visit pornographic sites, think Mamun.


"So, we should engage children with different cultural and other types of recreational activities to keep them away from adult contents," she said.


When attention was drawn, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) Secretary Sarwar Alam said the government has already blocked around 500 pornographic sites.


"We will also block more pornography sites in phases," he told the correspondent.


Children are doubly victims of the adverse effects of these pornography sites. It needs building awareness among parents and guardians so that children can be keep away from any kind of adult contents.