Bangladesh to be one-stop source of denim | 2017-03-05 |

Bangladesh to be one-stop source of denim

Sun Online Desk     5th March, 2017 03:38:25 printer

Bangladesh to be one-stop source of denim

Global buyers said Bangladesh would be a one-stop sourcing platform for denim industry in future. During the 7th edition of 'Danimjeans Expo held at the Bashundhara convention center on 1-2 March, the buyers from different countries visited the expo.


According to a news release, they said Bangladesh has become a major hub for sourcing trendy denim products for international retailers for its competitive pricing.


The expo with a new theme -'Denim Mashup'- focused the latest trend in denim. Denim Mashup's strong resurgence across multiple brands worldwide from luxury brands like Gucci to fast fashion retailers like Zara and H&M, all are taking up this as the next cool denim trend in 2017.


About 28 companies from countries including Bangladesh, Turkey, India, China, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Pakistan, Hong Kong took part in the exhibition to showcase their denim collections, new technologies, innovations, and accessories.


"We've received very good response from the global brands and retailers as they think Bangladesh is a nice place to source denim at reasonable prices and will lead the global denim industry very soon," said Sandeep Agarwal, Founder of, a website dedicated to the world denim industry since 2007, organized the show aiming to expand the footprint of denim and denim products made in Bangladesh.