Pak army intensifies oppression, killings | 2017-03-11 |

Historic March 1971

Pak army intensifies oppression, killings

Amir Hossain     11th March, 2017 12:17:18 printer

Pak army intensifies oppression, killings

Today, Saturday, is the 11th day of March, the month of start of our Liberation War. On this day in 1971 the country was in liberation struggle and the nation was heading for final showdown with the Pakistani rulers.


People from all walks of life were preparing for the liberation war under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.


Meanwhile, Pakistani army beefed up their military buildup in Bangladesh and intensified their oppression and killing across the country letting loose a reign of terror and panic everywhere.

But Bangalees consolidated their resolve and prepared for a showdown with the Pakistani forces.


As Bangladesh was in a flame, on this day Air Marshal Asghar Khan said in a speech in Lahore that Pakistan would not survive even for five years if East Pakistan secedes.


While more and more troops were being brought to Bangladesh from West Pakistan, youths and students started taking military training at different places of Bangladesh.


At this stage there was great enthusiasm among all sections of people to get prepared for final faceoff with the Pakistani rulers and achieve independence.


(Amir Hossain was the acting editor of daily sun. He wrote this article before his demise.)