Sheikh Hasina again seeks vote for Awami League | 2017-03-14 |

Sheikh Hasina again seeks vote for Awami League

Sun Online Desk     14th March, 2017 07:23:05 printer

Sheikh Hasina again seeks vote for Awami League

The Awami League president and also the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday again urged people of the country to cast their votes in favour of Awami League and its symbol ‘Boat’ in all future elections for the continuation of the development activities.


“Please cast your votes in the coming elections for the symbol of ‘Boat’ to give the scope for serving you," Sheikh Hasina urged while addressing a mammoth rally at Laxmipur Stadium with district AL president Alhaj Golam Faruk Pinku in the chair.


"Awami League means development, our government is working hard for the development of the country and the improvement of the people. You people, cast your votes in 2008 and 2014 elections and gave us the opportunity to serve country people, so you please keep your confidence on Awami League,” the Awami League boos requested.


She said Awami League always wants that the country will be developed.

"Insha Allah we will do that, we will build Bangladesh with the spirit of the Liberation War," she said.


The premier said that the aim of the AL government is to develop the country and for that purpose it took numerous development projects for the balanced development of the country.


"We work for the welfare of people and whenever AL comes to power it comes to give something to people," she said.


"I want to tell you one thing very clearly, I don’t have anything for my own, because I lost everything, losing everything I came to you, to the people of this Bengal, I got my lost affection of my father, mother, brother. I have sacrificed my life for you only," she said.


"I also dedicated my life for the sake of your interest and for your welfare. If necessary, like my father I will sacrifice my life to make the country hunger and poverty-free," she said.


Earlier, arriving at the stadium the Prime Minister inaugurated 10 development projects and laid foundation stones of 20 others.