Bangladesh urges US granting DFQF market access to LDCs | 2017-03-17 |

Bangladesh urges US granting DFQF market access to LDCs

Sun Online Desk     17th March, 2017 02:43:25 printer

Bangladesh urges US granting DFQF market access to LDCs

Bangladesh has urged US authorities to ensure the Duty Free Quota Free (DFQF) market access to US for all the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) mentioning fourteen LDCs for not getting DFQF market access to the USA.


Bangladesh Ambassador to the USA Mohammad Ziauddin has met Congressman Dave Reichert in Washington and discussed the matter apprising the sense of discrimination that prevails in US DFQF scheme, said a message received in Dhaka on Thursday.


Dave Reichert is a Republican Congressman from Washington State and also the Chairman of the House Ways & Means Sub-Committee on Trade.


Currently, 34 LDCs out of 48 are benefitting from US DFQF scheme under AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act).


Ambassador Ziauddin further informed the Congressman that all the 48 LDCs get DFQF facility from the European Union.


Therefore, he said, it is a matter of justice and fairness that the US - which is champion of human rights and rule of law - should provide equal treatment to all.


The Ambassador observed if the USA provides DFQF trade facilities to Bangladesh, then Bangladesh will be able to export more to the USA, which would ensure more empowerment of women, more development in education sector and containment of extremism in Bangladesh by using its own resources.


The Bangladesh envoy also highlighted development activities in Bangladesh in various sectors including Education, Women Empowerment and Counter-Terrorism.


He informed the Congressman of the brutal past of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her 'zero tolerance' policy against all forms of extremism and terrorism.


During an hour-long meeting held on Wednesday, Congressman Reichert agreed there should be fair trade among the countries. He suggested that a Congressional delegation can visit the LDCs including Bangladesh to explore further trade possibilities.