Farmers sufferer for rain | 2017-03-21 |

Farmers sufferer for rain

Sun Online Desk     21st March, 2017 11:09:36 printer

Farmers sufferer for rain


Crops are affected for continuous rain in Chandpur in this season. Farmers are in problem for being damaged Potato, Maize, Tomato, Onion, greens.


Chandpur district agriculture bureau said, 13,190 hectare lands have been cultivated for potatoes in Chandpur this year.

Farmers were faced problem while plucking potatoes in rain as potatoes are being damaged for waterlogging in land.


A large portion of land has been used for potato this year in South Chandpur, Chandpur sadar, Haziganj and Kochuya. But for rain, farmers are in trouble to protect the potato.


Agriculture official of Chandpur Dil Atia Parvin said wet potato cannot store. In thes case, potatoes have to sell quickly. Otherwise it has possibility to rotten.