Five dieting myths that we should bust now | 2017-04-07 |

Five dieting myths that we should bust now

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Five dieting myths that we should bust now


When 23-year-old fashion design student Reena Sachdeva saw Beyonce lose weight by going for a detox diet, she was inspired. Sachdeva blindly went for the diet for three days, cutting out salt and eating only fruits, vegetables and some low fat food.

To her shock, she realised that rather than losing weight and feeling healthy, she felt weak and cranky. Just like her, there are many who think that cutting on calories drastically can lead to quick weight loss. Many even believe that having fruit juices are great for health. Here’s what experts have to say about dieting as they differentiate between fact and fiction.


To lose weight, you need to cut down on calories drastically: This is not true at all. Your calories should always be above your resting metabolic rate or BMR. “Diets that make you eat lesser calories will always make you compromise on your nutrient levels. You need to balance your macronutrient content,” says Rashi Chowdhary, nutrition and metabolic expert. Agreeing to this thought, Ritika Samaddar, nutritionist, Max Super Speciality Hospital, says, “To start with, one can focus on keeping the negative calories below the level of 400-500.”


Low fat is good for you: They are the worst and they are making everyone sick and overweight. “80% of your hormones are made up of fat and cholesterol. You go low on these nutrients and mess with your internal biochemistry, your gut health and hormonal health,” says Chowdhary.


Fruit juice is healthy: Fruits and fruit juices are the biggest source of fructose in our diet. Juicing destroys many valuable antioxidants. “It also increases the glycemic load spiking the glucose levels right after consumption. Fibre in fruit helps in keeping check of instant rise of glucose and insulin as compared to juice,” says Lovneet Batra, nutritionist, Fortis La Femme. Also, most fruit juices are liquid candies that rebound hunger.