Transgenders becoming reality: Aparna Sen | 2017-04-10 |

Transgenders becoming reality: Aparna Sen

    9th April, 2017 10:09:51 printer

Transgenders becoming reality: Aparna Sen

Actress-filmmaker Aparna Sen who helms and stars in the forthcoming film Sonata said she included a transgender character in the English drama to enhance the visibility of the marginalised.


“I felt, apart from friendship, the film was exploring many aspects of the ‘feminine’. I wanted to broaden that spectrum, include a person from different economic strata and include a transgender female because transgenders are becoming a reality,” she said here at a discussion on Text in Context.


Sonata is an adaption of the eponymous play by playwright Mahesh Elkunchwar. It will hit the screens on April 21. The English drama is a psychological exploration of three unmarried women facing a mid-life crisis. It stars Lilette Dubey, Sen and Shabana Azmi.


Aparna Sen said the marginalised sections of society are “completely invisible”.


 “There was a time when I started including a challenged person in almost all my films because of only one reason… because we have made them completely invisible and people have had no exposure to them. So I don’t want to make them invisible. Let there be this transgender girl who is a friend of ours. So that’s the reason I included a transgender character,” she added.