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How to look gorgeous on wedding day

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How to look gorgeous on wedding day


If you want to look perfect on your wedding day, start planning your skincare routine and diet well in advance. It is important to set aside time for hair, makeup and beauty treatments.

Ideally, preparations should start at least a month before the wedding. Here’s a look at what brides-to-be should get on their beauty schedules to make sure they look their best on the big day.



One month before: Makeup trials and face treatments



The venue, the caterer and the dress are booked, now it’s time to take care of the bride-to-be . As she will be the focus of attention, a degree of organisation is required to polish her appearance and avoid any last-minute problems.



Wedding beauty preparations should start around a month before the event (even longer for the more anxious or impatient types), with hair and makeup trials to avoid any last-minute problems. Once the hair stylist and makeup artist has been chosen, you need to find a look that goes well with the dress. These trials can be repeated a week or two before the wedding, as the bride’s skin tone could change (after a vacation, for example).



Two weeks before: Relaxation



Brides-to-be should take some time out from the hectic wedding planning for some precious self-pampering. Why not make a day of it by inviting your friends over to chill out while prepping the body for its day in the spotlight?


A spa day should start with a trip to a steam room to relax and unwind, while also cleaning and purifying the skin. Then, try an exfoliating treatment to slough off dead skin cells and ease tension in the body. Round things off with a full body massage to relieve all the stress built up over the last few months of wedding preparations.



One week before: Final preparations



With a week to go before the wedding, brides-to-be could find it useful to list all the beauty preparations left to do before the event. A strict beauty routine should be followed in those last seven days (removing makeup and cleansing the skin every evening). Wax your skin two to eight days before the ceremony to reduce the risk of red marks and blotches if you have a sensitive skin.


Hands and feet shouldn’t be neglected either, meaning a pedicure is required (to remove dead skin cells) as well as a French manicure, as the hands will be the centre of attention when it comes to exchanging rings.