Trendy Makeup Ideas For Brown-Skinned Women | 2017-04-17 |


Trendy Makeup Ideas For Brown-Skinned Women

Every woman is beautiful. Makeup only enhances her original beauty. Many aestheticians these days argue on the heavy use of makeup, most agreeing to the point that it should be kept as natural as possible. Here are some ideas which you can incorporate to bring art in your styling. If you have brown skin, then these styling and makeup tips are perfect for you:

Nusrat Jahan Pritom     16th April, 2017 02:33:05 printer

Trendy Makeup Ideas For Brown-Skinned Women

Inner Vamp


A darker skin colour really complements hues such as purple, dark brown, et al on your lips. You can vamp up and try these.

When you apply foundation, choose a colour that matches your skin tone. If you choose a powder or foundation that is too white, the result may be grey and unwelcoming. Once you are done with the base, use blush on your cheekbones. If you have a round face, a circular blush will be perfect. If your face shape is oval, opt for a longer application of blush, from near the ears to the end of cheek bones. You can put on a choker necklace to complete this style.


Shimmery Style

If you love different colours on your eyes, lenses can be a great choice. However, try to wear them only on auspicious occasions. Wearing lenses too frequently may be too arduous and is not advisable. Opt for green, emerald, hazel or blue contacts. Apply some silver eye shadow in the inner eyelids. Carefully contour your eyes with eyeliner. You can opt for cat’s eyes or winged eyes. Finish the eye shadow of the upper lid with a light colour such as brown. Apply golden eye shadow just beneath the eyebrows. You can use glittery eyes shadows to really get the glazed look. With this style, you can opt for a natural earth colour lipstick, burgundy lipstick or a red lipstick, with a shimmery extra coating.  


Neon Spark

Colours such as pink, lime green, orange, etc really stand out because of the colour. So, brown beauties can use these colours artistically for their benefit. Create a “smoky eye” look by using a darker colour on the lower part of the eyelid, and a lighter shade or a combination of multiple lighter shades on the upper part of the lid to accentuate. Black or dark brown mascara can make eye lashes pop. For extra glam, one can add false eyelashes in a dark shade. With this, you can put on a pink coloured lipstick. Keep your hair open with this style.


Ornate Embellishment

Women with brown skin have the advantage of wearing any kinds of jewelry. Both gold and silver jewelries look great on them. Opt for copper eye shadow. Carefully accentuate your eyes with dark eyeliner. You can also put on mascara. Apply brown blush. Finish it with a bronze lipstick. With these, you can put on gorgeous silver jewelry. Do not forget the tikli. Lastly, tie your hair into a bun.