Government mulls reduction in bandwidth import dependency | 2017-04-16 |

Government mulls reduction in bandwidth import dependency

BSS     16th April, 2017 10:10:03 printer

Government mulls reduction in bandwidth import dependency

With the aim of slash import dependency of International Terrestrial Cable (ITC) operators, the government has started the process to sell the bandwidth of Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL) in a competitive price.

The Posts and Telecommunications Division (PTD) has taken the move as the country already connected with its second submarine cable to ensure redundancy. The ITCs are unable to collect state-own BSCCL's bandwidth due to some limitations. 

Talking to BSS, State Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Tarana Halim on Sunday said' "Initiative has been taken so the ITC operators could buy more bandwidth from BSCCL at a competitive price."

Meanwhile, letter has been sent to BSCCL and the telecom regulator regarding the issue, she added.

Now, six ITC operators have been doing business in Bangladesh after collecting bandwidth from neighboring India since over four years.

As per the rules of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), currently 
the ITC operators could only buy highest 10 percent bandwidth from the BSCCL against their total demand.

But, the PTD has asked BTRC to remove the restriction of 10 percent, as the country would have a total of 1,800 gbps bandwidth capacity through two submarine cables, said officials.

They said at present Bangladeshis consuming a total of 370 gbps of bandwidth, of which 212 gbps is being supplied by the BSCCL while the remaining is coming through ITC operators. 

About the initiative of PTD, BSCCL managing director Monwar Hossain said they are working as per the directives of PTD "so the ITC operators could buy more bandwidth from us at a competitive price". 

Mentioning that the SEA-ME-WE 4 submarine cable has over 300 gbps bandwidth, he said: "Around 200 gbps of effective bandwidth from SEA-ME-WE 5 or second submarine cable would be added in next month, resulting BSCCL would have nearly 300 gbps for sale."

An official of ITC operator said they in combine are collecting over 200 gbps bandwidth from foreign companies while each ITC could buy only 2-3 gbps bandwidth from BSCCL due to BTRC restriction. 

"Withdraw of the restriction would boost the sale of BSCCL's bandwidth, but quality service will also be required for it," he opined.