Is eating mangoes healthy? | 2017-05-03 |

Is eating mangoes healthy?

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Is eating mangoes healthy?


In this scorching heat, what is that one ingredient that relieves you the most? You would agree it has to be a succulent and pulpy slice of mango.


Nutrient Value of Mango Vs Other Fruits


1. Mango has High Amounts of Vitamin C



According to nutritionist Jasleen Kaur from Just Diet Clinic, "mango has more vitamin C content than an orange. Interesting, isn't it? While an orange has around 70 milligram of vitamin C, mango has a whopping 122 milligram of vitamin C. It also has abundance of zeaxanthin, an antioxidant which keeps your eyes healthy. It also helps boost your immunity preventing you from falling sick."


2. Mango has Abundant Amount of Vitamin A



Carrot is believed to have the highest amount vitamin A, containing more than 100 percent of it. Mango, on the other hand, has a mere 35 percent of vitamin A. However, it is believed that mango has enough vitamin A that is required to produce sebum to keep the hair moisturised. Vitamin A is necessary for the growth of bodily tissues that include hair and skin.


3. It is Rich in Potassium



Banana is super rich in potassium as it has around 800 milligram as compared to approximately 260 milligram in a mango. Although banana wins here but a mango still has sufficient amount of potassium to meet your daily requirement. Potassium is an important component of body fluids and cells that controls your heart rate and keeps a check on your blood pressure.


4. It has a Generous Amount of Vitamin B6



Avocados are one of the fruits that have the highest amount of vitamin B6; 15 percent of the fruit has it as compared to five percent (plus six percent of B vitamins) of vitamin B6 in mango. Vitamin B6 in mango plays a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy brain function, sleep cycle and mood.



Jasleen tells us that mangoes also fight cancer. It has antioxidants including fisten and gallic acid protecting the body from colon and breast cancer.


Eating Mangoes is Healthy!



Mango may be considered as one of the fruits that has the highest amount of calories, however, it also makes for a healthy fruit if eaten in limited quantities. It is recommended to have one or two mangoes a day, but consuming more can take a toll on your body leading to obesity and even diabetes. Diabetics may refer to the doctor before consuming mangoes.