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Has Melania Trump 'liked' a tweet mocking her marriage?

BBC     4th May, 2017 02:41:02 printer

Has Melania Trump 'liked' a tweet mocking her marriage?

It was the inauguration look that spawned 1,000 memes: the elegantly-dressed Melania Trump's wide smile, turning to a cold stare of derision the moment her husband - the newly appointed US president - Donald's back was turned.


It wasn't only memes, however. MelaniaTrump's rapidly changing expression also led to the "Free Melania" campaign, as people around the globe speculated the former model was being forced into a role she did not want, by a husband she potentially wasn't overly fond of.


But like all good stateswomen, MelaniaTrump refused to be drawn into the speculation.


On Tuesday, that appeared to change.


The Slovenian-born First Lady "liked" a tweet which seemed to suggest she either finds the jokes funny, or that the Free Melania campaigners were right.


It all started when left-wing blogger Andy Ostoy sent this tweet:

A tweet saying: Seems the only wall @realdonaldtrump's built is the one between him at @flotus


So far, so normal. It's Twitter, and memes - and speculation - are par for the course.

Then, this happened:

A tweet showing Melania Trump's account liking the tweet


Only, it is the real Melania Trump's account - albeit one she has not used since 8 November last year, when she urged voters to back her husband's presidential aspirations. MelaniaTrump now favours the "@FLOTUS" account, belonging to the position of the First Lady.


What's more, it is only the second tweet Melania Trump has ever liked - the first being her own tweet, perhaps suggesting she is not particularly au fait with how Twitter works.


Which may point to a third option: not that she found the tweet funny, not that Free Melania campaigners were right, but that the swiftly removed "like" was, in fact, the work of a Twitter novice.


Of course, there are other possibilities. Melania Trump may have been the victim of a hack, or someone else could have logged into her account.


It will remain a mystery for now. Attempts to get the White House to comment on the "like" by US media have so far yielded no results.


Either way, those watching the Trumps' marriage closely will no doubt use this as further proof all is not well between the First Couple.