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‘Dangal’ becomes second most viewed film in China

Sun Online Desk     7th May, 2017 12:01:16 printer

‘Dangal’ becomes second most viewed film in China

Aamir Khan’s film Dangal has got the widest release in China even after facing what fans in China termed a ban by Wanda, China’s biggest operator which has about 1657 screens spread across the country. Reportedly, with business worth Rs.14.65 crore it became the second most viewed film in China today.

The film opened today on around 9000 screens. ”


“Dangal will release in China in 9,000 screens, which is the widest ever release for an Indian film in any territory,” Amrita Pandey, Vice President, Studios, Disney India and movie’s co-producer told IANS. “We are very excited to release Dangal in China. The film is very special and with a story which has the potential to travel the world and transcend geographies,” Pandey added. Dangal has been released as Shuai Jiao Baba which means Let’s Wrestle, Dad.


Wanda, the operator that has refused to screen Dangal is expected to touch 3000 screens this year. The article by Fei Xiaochou also said that Wanda will release Dangal on a mere 37 screens. Dangal will also have only three shows in Beijing. The reason behind this curious move is not clear yet. India Today report also speculated that the move could be due to China’s bias towards Indian movies or it can also be due to the rivalry with Huayi, a company involved in Dangal’s marketing.


Meanwhile, Chinese fans aren’t too happy with how Wanda has treated Aamir Khan’s film, and their sudden decision and several expressed their dismay on Wanda Cinema’s website. “There are no screenings in Taian [Shandong] because of Wanda. How can Wanda develop such a small mind?” wrote a fan on Weibo, China’s social media platform.


Source: Thee Indian Express