AG Mahbubey Alam a threat to independent judiciary: BNP | 2017-05-15 |

AG Mahbubey Alam a threat to independent judiciary: BNP

Sun Online Desk     15th May, 2017 08:11:12 printer

AG Mahbubey Alam a threat to independent judiciary: BNP

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) on Monday demanded removal of Attorney General Mahbubey Alam describing him as a threat to an independent judiciary.


BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi made the demand while speaking at a discussion today, UNB reports.


“The state’s chief law officer has threatened the Chief Justice and other justices during the hearing of a case on parliament’s power to remove its judges. The government’s true colour has been exposed with the media reports on it,” Rizvi said.


“The current Attorney General is a threat to an independent judiciary, and he should be fired,” he added.


Rizvi also alleged that Mahbubey Alam harassed BNP leaders and activists by influencing the judiciary while dealing with the cases filed against them.


“The government has long been carrying out various evil activities to suppress the leaders and activists of BNP and other opposition parties through the Attorney General,” Rizvi told.


He also said Mahbubey Alam has been working as a government representative in the court to implement its various programmes for obliterating democracy.


Mentioning that Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha has clearly said the judiciary has lost its independence, the BNP leader said the country’s common people also ‘fully agree’ with the Chief Justice’s observation.


He also said though people are in favour of the independence of the judiciary, the current government does not want it.


Accusing the Prime Minister of trying to establish her dominance over all the state organs, Rizvi said Sheikh Hasina is now angry with the apex court as it is ‘challenging her supremacy’.


He also said the government is demonstrating its supreme power by not issuing a gazette notification on the rules determining discipline and conduct of lower court judges repeatedly ignoring the Supreme Court’s directives.