Lightning strike on busy street in China (Video) | 2017-05-16 |

Lightning strike on busy street in China (Video)

Sun Online Desk     16th May, 2017 10:02:49 printer

Lightning strike on busy street in China (Video)

Frightening footage captured on a dashboard camera shows the exact moment lightning strikes a busy street in China. The video, just about eight seconds long, shows showers of sparks falling on the road after the lightning strike.


According to China Plus News, the video was captured on May 11 in Shenyang, China's Liaoning Province. The footage shows that there was first a flash of light. This is followed by pitch darkness for a split second or so and then the sparks fall from the trees lining the road. Several cars can be seen halting at this point.

Since being posted one day before, the video has collected over 18,000 views, some 1,800 reactions and over 800 shares.


"A lot of shoppers around that area lucky no one was around," says one commenter. "What was that," says another.