Lion fights crocodile to save younger brother (Video) | 2017-05-16 |

Lion fights crocodile to save younger brother (Video)

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Lion fights crocodile to save younger brother (Video)

This is the tense moment a valiant lion saved its younger brother from a horrific crocodile attack in a river.


Stunned tourists captured the two big cats scampering into the water on their mobile phone in Africa last month.

The Incredible footage captured at the Wilderness Safaris' King's Pool camp in Botswana shows two lions getting attacked by a crocodile and the elder lion fighting to save his younger brother. The video, captured by Sneha Shah, shows the two young male lions swimming into the Linyanti river as the tourists watch. Just a little over a minute into the video, however, stunned viewers see a crocodile attacking the younger lion. The older one then attacks the crocodile in an attempt to save his brother and can be seen getting dragged underwater.


He does manage to save his brother and, incredibly enough, he himself survives the attack too. Though not captured in the video, tourists confirm that they saw the older lion 'pull himself into the reeds.' The younger lion can be seen swimming back to the side where they had started from. Both the lions survived without any injuries.


On their Facebook page, Wilderness Safaris confirms that the two lions survived the crocodile attack. "One lion escaped into the reeds and the other swam back to the Botswana side. The reed guy swam back over later that same day," they write in response to a query.