Modi is still people’s PM but dissatisfaction on the rise | 2017-05-18 |

3 Years of BJP Govt

Modi is still people’s PM but dissatisfaction on the rise

    18th May, 2017 02:24:17 printer

NEW DELHI: The Bharatiya Janata Party rode to power in 2014 by generating a sense of hope in the people. Call it the Narendra Modi phenomenon or the saffron juggernaut, but BJP was voted to power with an unprecedented majority because it curated a promise of ‘acche din,’ which the people believed, reports agency.


Meeting the three year mark, the government is all set to present it’s report card on 26 May with a high octane celebratory programme.

If the BJP hopes to cinch another term in power at all, it is important that it not only enters the fray with the proof of the promises fulfilled but sustain a positive public perception.


While the saffron party’s performance on the former remains debatable, it certainly has some good news on the latter front.


Surveys conducted to gauge the satisfaction level in people, three years after BJP came to power, indicate that Modi still remains the people’s prime minister even as desperation to see results is rising.


A survey conducted by citizen engagement platform LocalCirles, as reported in India Today, states that almost 61 percent people are satisfied with the  performance of the central government. Another survey conducted by Economic Times, spanning CEOs of businesses and normal people, also had similar results where overall performance was concerned. Roughly 45 percent people felt that Modi’s performance exceeded expectations while almost 40 percent thought it was satisfactory.