BNP brands AL an opportunist party | 2017-05-29 |

BNP brands AL an opportunist party

Sun Online Desk     29th May, 2017 11:18:36 printer

BNP brands AL an opportunist party

BNP leader Barrister Moudud Ahmed on Monday described Awami League as an opportunist party saying the party talks about secularism, is now trying to establish a relation with Hefajat-e-Islam only for getting votes in the next general election.


Speaking at a discussion, the BNP leader further said, “Awami League’s attempt to woo Hefajat has demonstrated that it is an opportunist and fascist political party.”


BNP standing committee member Moudud Ahmed was speaking at a discussion arranged at the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh marking its founder Ziaur Rahman’s 36th death anniversary, UNB reports.


“Awami League had inked a five-point deal with an ultra-right party Khelafat Majlish before parliamentary polls in 2006. Now it’s trying to make a friendship with Hefajat.

But, the attempt will turn pointless,” he said.


Moudud said Awami League often talks about secularism, but it does not believe in it. “Awami League utters secularism as it’s a catchy word in the perspective of local and international politics.”


Though AL had brought many changes in the constitution through amendments, he said it could not remove ‘Bismillah and ‘state religion Islam’ from the charter. “So, what kind of secularism do you practise?”


He alleged that the government is staging a drama over the removal and reinstallation of the sculpture of Lady Justice on the Supreme Court premises only to secure votes.


The BNP leader said Awami League will not be able to cling to power if a fair election is held as people do not want to see a particular party in power for a long time.


He said people are now eagerly waiting for a change in power as they are fed-up with the current regime’s misrule, repression, killing and enforced disappearance.


Moudud said their party together with all other democratic parties will force the government to hold a credible and inclusive election to install a pro-people government through it.


He said their party, if voted tow power, will annul the black laws formulated by Awami League and the 15th amendment to the constitution.