Education, technology get highest allocation | 2017-06-01 |

Education, technology get highest allocation

UNB     1st June, 2017 08:34:28 printer

Education, technology get highest allocation

The education and technology sector got the highest allocation in the proposed Tk 4,00,266-crore national budget for 2017-18 fiscal year.


The budgetary allocation for education and technology has increased to 65,444 crore, which is 16.35 percent of the proposed budget.


The allocation for the education and technology was Tk 50,292 crore in the outgoing fiscal year, which was 15.86 percent of the revised budget for 2016-17.


Among Tk 65,444 crore, Tk 35,322 crore will be spent as non-development expenditures in the upcoming fiscal year.


Under the sector, Tk 22,022 core has been allocated for Primary and Mass Education Ministry, while Tk 23,141 crore for Secondary and Higher Education Division, Tk 11,038 crore for Science and Technology Ministry, Tk 3,974 crore for ICT Division and Tk 5,269 crore for Technical and Madrasah Education Division.