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Scientific benefits of fasting (Video)

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Scientific benefits of fasting (Video)

The month of Ramadan is a period of fasting, sacrifice, giving, piousness and self-training with the hope that these qualities will extend beyond this month and stay with us throughout the year. Indeed, the essence of fasting in Ramadan is spiritual.

Nevertheless, this holy month also offers a number of benefits for both the mind and body. 

Lower the risk of diabetes


“Fasting is said to be an “alternative to calorie restriction” for those who have diabetes.” Barnosky et al., 2014


Assists in lowering body fat


“Short-term fasting actually increase your metabolic rate by 3.6-14%,” Mansell 1990.


 Fasting reduce ageing


“Fasting extends the lifespan and increase resistance to age related diseases”, Mattson and Wan, 2005,” Lee et al, 2000.


Fasting is good for the brain


“Fasting may increase the growth of new nerve cells, which should benefit the brain function”, Lee et al, 2000


 Increases growth hormone


“Two days of fasting induced a 5-fold increase …in Growth hormone rate”, ML Hartman., 1992.