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Lose weight the easy way!

Sun Online Desk     8th June, 2017 12:47:12 printer

Lose weight the easy way!


Are you struggling to control your increasing waistline? Is your weight control measures showing the desired result? If you are on the heavier side and want to lose weight the easy way, drinking water could be the best thing to do.


There is nothing better than water to treat obesity or weight problem. The easiest thing to do to lose weight is to drink plenty of water daily.


Drinking plenty of water may help stop overeating and result in weight control and healthier body.


"Staying hydrated is good for you no matter what, and it may be linked to maintaining a healthy weight," said Tammy Chang, Assistant Professor at University of Michigan, in the US.


Tips on how to drink water


Drink two-three glasses of warm water in the morning on empty stomach and at least a glass of warm water before sleep.


Avoid drinking chilled water. Drink normal temperature water. Best is to drink hot water. It will help flush out the unwanted toxins in the body. 


Drink plain hot water after food. It will help regulate stomach acids and help digest food better.


Apart from drinking more water, eating juicy fruits and vegetables will keep your body well hydrated and help weight control.


Try drinking plain hot or warm water as often as you can and as much as you can. After few weeks of drinking plenty of water, see the change in the portion of the food you eat. Not only your weight, but also your skin and hair will look healthier than before. So, drink plenty of water and let it heal you and make you look more beautiful.