Saif Ali Khan, are you cool with Sara acting or not? | 2017-06-16 |

Saif Ali Khan, are you cool with Sara acting or not?

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Saif Ali Khan, are you cool with Sara acting or not?



Saif Ali Khan appears to be somewhat ambivalent about his daughter Sara's impending career in Bollywood. The 23-year-old actress is to make her debut in Kedarnath, directed by Abhishek Kapoor and co-starring Sushant Singh Rajput.

It would seem that her dad, 46, is none too happy that Sara, a graduate of Columbia University in New York, picked films over an alternate profession. He told DNA, "Why would she want that for herself? Look at where she studied. After having done that, why wouldn't she want to live and work in New York, rather than do this? I am not looking down on acting, it's just it is not the most stable profession. And everyone lives in constant fear. And there is no guarantee that despite doing your best, you will succeed. This is not the life, any parent would want for their children."


That's an unexpected statement, given that in February, Saif Ali Khan told Pinkvilla that he was "happy to see Sara doing whatever she has her heart set on" and also that he was "pleased" she was being launched by Karan Johar (he was reportedly handling her debut when Saif said this).


In April 2016, when Sara was still at Columbia, Saif told NDTV that she had his "blessing to do whatever she wants." It would likely be films and of she so chose, Sara would be adopting the example set by her aunt Soha Ali Khan. "Look at Soha. She has a degree from London School of Economics and she is now into movies. I think the girls in my family think this (Bollywood) is far more fun. Yes, perhaps it is," Saif told NDTV.


Perhaps Saif's stated unease about his daughter's prospects is rooted in the spectacular failure of his last film Rangoon, which released in February to great expectations. While reviews were fair to middling, business was dismal.


Back in 2012, Sara Ali Khan became an object of intense scrutiny overnight after modelling an Abu-Sandeep creation at an Ambani party. Saif intervened to clarify that Sara would complete her university course before taking a career decision and mother Amrita Singh shot down rumours that her daughter had been offered a Yash Raj project - it was she who had signed the film, Aurangzeb.


It should surprise nobody, least of all Saif Ali Khan, that Sara should want to be an actress. Consider her cinematic pedigree, apart from her parents - grandmother Sharmila Tagore, stepmother Kareena Kapoor and aunt Soha.