Fashion forward with fancy footwears in rain | 2017-07-05 |

Fashion forward with fancy footwears in rain

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Fashion forward with fancy footwears in rain


Choosing the right footwear is important. The right ones can give a complete stylish look.


Wearing the perfect pair of well-fitting shoes can enhance one's look and personality. But plodding through muddy waters can ruin any footwear. Yet, wearing pretty footwears can help you put your best foot forward.


Here are few designs that can solve many fashion dilemmas of rainy weather.


Gumboots: Comfy boots has come in an array of wonderful colours and a wide variety of designs. The neon and even the transparent ones have been spotted in big shoe stores. The choice of length is also available. These boots keep your feet clean and dry throughout the day.


Rubber sneakers: Crafted from rubber, these casual footwears are a must to have in rainy season. They lend both style and super comfort when you are walking through puddles of water. The terrific support to your arches is a real barricade against injuries.


Rainproof flat ballerinas: These are very stylish and comfy slip-on addition to your footwear collection for rainy season. Talking about the styles, colours and designs, the sky is the limit. You can go to work, shopping, travelling, hanging out and any other occasion bindaas! Rain ballet flats look chic and stylish.


Water-proof sandals: There is a huge variety of platform heels in bright pop of colours available in the market for ladies. They keep your feet safe and add a burst of sunshine to your attire. Quirky prints also have a huge young following. These sandals lend elevation with secured outsoles to prevent dangerous slips during rainy weather. They keep your poor feet closed to the filthy puddles and slippery streets.


Slip and water-proof kicks: If you are on for a walking expedition during rains, make sure to wear the shoes that guarantees you slip-proof footsteps. The grip of your feet will remain intact with beautiful lace-ups. 


These latest fashion accessories are winning the heart of fashionistas. You can see even your favourite celebrities wearing them during wet months. Rain footwears are the cutting edge in fashion industry right now. Shop for these rain essentials and pair them with your favourite outfits. Footwears are a woman’s prized possessions. Don’t compromise on them due to the season.


Enjoy breezing through the cold stormy rainy day with these footwears, to grab your favourite chai at nooker wali tapri.