Tips on monsoon care for your wooden furniture | 2017-07-16 |

Tips on monsoon care for your wooden furniture

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Tips on monsoon care for your wooden furniture


Stylish, designer wooden furniture are expensive, but the touch of woodwork in the house give an aura of warmth, homeliness and cozy living. However, a splash of water or even settling in of moisture can ruin your beautiful wooden furniture. Hence, it is advisable not to buy or redo them during the rainy season. In fact, it is important to take proper care of and protect them, especially during monsoon.


Here are a few household tips on how to maintain wooden furniture, according to experts, during rainy days.


1 Coat and varnish your furniture well during rainy season as they are susceptible to moisture. Neatly, seal the joints with protective coatings and sealants. They are easily available in the market. Buy them and keep them handy.


2 Wax and oil: Waxing any wooden surface, be it furniture or floor, also protects from moisture and damage. If you are using wax and oil, wax the furniture regularly, maybe weekly..


3 Avoid spilling of water or placing any wet matter on the wooden surfaces as it would leave a dark wet stain and damage the texture of the product. Also, the moisture may seep into the wood and make the surface crack up easily.


4 To protect the wooden furniture from rain water, keep your wooden furniture indoor. Do not exposed them outside. Even too much heat can spoil its texture and shape. Or if you must keep them outside, cover them well with waterproof  covering.


5 Keep wooden beds and seats slightly away from the walls of the house, as moisture that seepage through the wall can affect the furniture as well.


6 Avoid opening the windows when it rains. Keep the rains away from entering through the doors and windows. However, when the rain stops, open the windows and make sure to ventilate the rooms well.


7 Avoid using wet cloths to clean your furniture. Use a clean and dry wiper or duster to wipe them clean and dry. Dust and wipe them regularly. Do not let the dust settle on them for long, as humidity may make dust and dirt stick to the wood surface.


8 Moisture in the air can get on to the furniture and soil them. So, try to keep the interiors absolutely dry . Do not keep wet clothes inside. Switch on the fan while mopping the floor  to allow the air dry up the floor faster.


Keep the above tips in mind and keep your cosy wooden furniture as good as new and your home beautiful.