The artificial glacier growing in the desert | 2017-07-23 |

The artificial glacier growing in the desert

Sun Online Desk     23rd July, 2017 11:01:03 printer

The artificial glacier growing in the desert


In the far north of India, a cold mountain desert is the stunning backdrop to an unprecedented icy structure, reports CNN.


This is a land of extremes, where rainfall is scarce and temperatures range wildly from torrid to far below freezing.


The locals say it's the only place in the world where a man, sitting in the sun with his feet in the shade, can suffer sunstroke and frostbite at the same time.


It's the Ladakh region -- meaning "land of high passes" -- sandwiched between two of the world's tallest mountain ranges, the Himalayas and the Kunlun.


Rainfall is rare here. Water, essential for irrigating the farmlands that are the lifeblood of the local population, mostly comes from melting snow and ice.


But climate change is making this land even drier, leaving farmers without water in the crucial planting months of April and May, right before the glaciers start to melt in the summer sun.


One man's solution to the problem? Make more glaciers.