Dubai man cooks egg on road in sweltering heat (Video) | 2017-07-27 |

Dubai man cooks egg on road in sweltering heat (Video)

Sun Online Desk     27th July, 2017 09:47:13 printer

Dubai man cooks egg on road in sweltering heat (Video)

A man has shown just how hot it is in Dubai by frying an egg on a brick pathway.


The unnamed man did the experiment to show the sweltering temperatures currently plaguing the Middle East - with the egg cooking in under a minute.


 A video posted to Instagram by Fatafeat, a popular Arabic-language food and lifestyle channel, shows a man crack an egg and cook it in a frying pan that has been sitting outside in the sweltering heat for roughly 10 minutes. The result? A perfectly cooked egg - sunny side up.

"Today we're going to cook an egg outside in the's like 50 degrees," the chef announces at the beginning of the video.

In front of him, a black frying pan laid out on the pavement as well as an egg, some oil and salt and pepper.


"The pan has been sitting here for like 10 minutes," he explains.


He adds the oil to the pan and then cracks the egg in. The pan instantly starts sizzling. Moments later, a perfectly cooked egg.


"This is how we do it in Dubai," the chef exclaims. "Sunny side up!"


The video has been watched well over 30,000 times in 24 hours and has invited a range of reactions from amused to incredulous.


Temperatures are set to remain blisteringly hot for the coming weeks in the Middle East, cooling off in September, weather experts say.